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A way to install CodeIgniter via composer (rogeriopradoj/codeigniter), if you are looking for the official repo, go to

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Install composer

Nothing better than official and easy way. Go to and follow the instructions there.

Versions for all major operating systems are available (I mean, even Windows ;-) ).

Require Codeigniter

Or 2.x (2.2.6 in 2016-01-10) Version 2.x

composer require rogeriopradoj/codeigniter ^2

Or 3.x (3.0.3 in 2016-01-10) Version 3.x

composer require rogeriopradoj/codeigniter ^3

Copy the application and index.php out of vendor folder

$ cp -r vendor/rogeriopradoj/codeigniter/application `pwd`
$ cp vendor/rogeriopradoj/codeigniter/index.php `pwd`

Update your front controller to system folder from composer

sed -i.bak  "s/$system_path\= 'system';/$system_path\='vendor\/rogeriopradoj\/codeigniter\/system';/" \
index.php \
&& rm index.php.bak

That's all!


If you plan to use composer autoload for your other dependencies (I suggest you do it):

require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';

About the tags, releases and synchronization with official repo

The official repository of CodeIgniter framework is However, they don't provide composer installation for 2.x version of the framework. That's why rogeriopradoj/codeigniter was created.

While the official doesn't provide it, this package (rogeriopradoj/codeigniter) will be maintained.


If you want to be cool, you should use one of the tags/releases provided in Packagist, the latest (according to SemVer) should be the one I should get.

Sync with official repo

The synchronization will be done from time to time. Please open a issue if it gets too much out of sync.

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